TRN-e SERIES N2 reflow

AutomaticN2 flowcontrolaccordingtotheppmsetup Applies an advanced energy saving system

The TRN series reflow developed by TSM through continuous innovation will give customers great satisfaction with its excellent functions and performance as a top model that realizes the econology and humanism for which TSM is aiming.

  • The TRN series models features the best of the best in all aspects including energy saving, flux recovery capability, total solution, etc. TSM realized the lowest N2 consumption levels imaginable in its industry by applying a special structure that shields the inside of the oven as well as the system that controls the ppm of all zones uniformly. TSM has played a leading role in reducing N2 consumption in the industry by continuously upgrading and focusing on N2 consumption. Here, its newly developed N2 flow control system supplies the minimum quantity of N2 optimized to maintain the set ppm in the oven with the ESP connected to the oven and thus reduces the air consumed in the ESP significantly, reducing the power cost of the air compressor to a great extent. In order to respond to the process that uses solder containing a large amount of flux for the electric parts of automobiles, heaters are installed at the inlet to which flux is mainly adsorbed and the exhaust outlet of the cooling zone in order to prevent flux from remaining and to allow the exhaust to be discharged smoothly. In addition, by allowing the one touch type FMS normally installed at the cooling zone to be installed additionally even in the preheating zone as an option, the flux recovery rate is maximized to allow customers to minimize defects and process management loss.
  • Leads the reflow technology by applying a special heater of IR+hot air blow type. TSM's special heater, which combines the convection method that creates convective flow of hot air heated by the heater using a motor to the IR method that transfers the radiant heat of the panel with high thermal efficiency directly to the base metal, maintains t even at low wind speed, allowing high quality soldering of micro patterns. In addition, it can realize a stable profile because there is little deviation of flow velocity. In particular, while existing plate heaters have burdened customers significantly with their high cost, TSM's panel heater will lead the industry with a new reflow thatboasts both reasonable cost and quality.

Incessant innovation toward the top soldering technology realized the best result.

  • By applying the 2 FMS (Flux Management System), the TRN series reflows features the improved flux recovery capability, making its value the highest.
  • Realizes energy savings by applying the advanced ESP series N2 generator that can automatically control the N flow rate.
  • Leads the reflow technology by applying a special heater of IR+hot air blow type.
  • By applying a new design, it secures the space needed for maintenance at the inlet and outlet sides and adopts a color with the lowest discoloration rate which is not easily contaminated.
  • The strong blower motor with triple sealing structure and specially structured duct do not allow leakage of any N2.

Keep the inside of the oven clean!

Leave it to the 2 FMS (Flux Management System)!

  • Completely treats the flux carbonated gas generated during soldering by installing a flux management system (FMS) with high heat exchange capabilty at the preheater (PH) zone and at the rear of the reflow (2 places).
  • Protects the products from the flying flux generated during soldering by treating the flux gas into liquid state using an outstanding radiator!
  • Convenient maintenance! The radiator can be easily removed and installed by one touch, minimizing the workload required for maintenance.