TRA-f SERIES Air reflow

The TRA series reflows are an innovative design that ensures efficient flux discharge as well as highly efficient thermal management

Provides innovative solutions through energy savings and environmentally friendly policies.

Has set the standard for power consumption and will continue to be your reliable supporter.

As an output for the achievement of highest performance and ecology, the TRA series will satisfy both the economic efficiency and practicality of your business.

TSM, which performs technical development continuously, realized ultra-low power consumption for the eduction of CO2 emissions in order to realize the econology, the keyword of the TRA series reflows.
The partial start-up which performs the multi-stage control of heaters reduces the contracted receiving power and basic power cost by minimizing the start-up power. It also increases production efficiency by utilizing the weekly timer function which allows reservation of machine operation date and time. In addition, in order to respond to the placement characteristics of various boards, heating efficiency is maximized by multiplying the heating zones and applying a new nozzle structure with improved air flow resistance. It also realizes the best quality by applying an advanced ultra-uniform temperature control system to realize the lowest temperature deviation. The TRA series reflows ensures efficient production of products by applying uniform heating from above and below as well as variable heating from above and below separately.
The MMI screen configured for user convenience provides a temperature monitoring function, an alarm for operation and maintenance, a temperature calibration gage, and a help function for program operation, thereby maximizing user convenience for access and reading.

The RTPM (op), a real time temperature profile monitoring system, provides a variety of information as well as the process index and chart data for the analysis of compatibility and process capability.