IMI - International Micro Industries

Founded in 1971, IMI is a provider of wafer bumping and wafer level processing (WLP) contract services to EMS customers and end-users in the advanced packaging, MEMS and advanced sensor markets.

IMI provides scalable wafer bumping and wafer level processing services from prototyping of new designs through high-volume sustained production and turn-key technology licensing agreements for our customers in the Medical Implantable, Medical Disposable, Automotive, DOD, Aerospace, Advanced Sensor, Communication and RFID businesses.

IMI’s thick-film photoresist and proprietary high aspect ratio plating technology makes tighter pitches, higher performance and smaller form factors possible, enabling our customers to remain on the outer envelope of advanced packaging and sensor design.

IMI’s fine pitch electroplated bumps and structures in Au, Au/Sn Alloy, Sn/Pb Alloy, In, Cu, Ni, & Ag in heights from 1 to 100 microns, with aspect ratios of better than 3:1 provide our customers with the process latitude that enables them to stay responsive to their program requirements while remaining ultra-competitive… even in low-volume or short-run programs.

An hour with IMI can advance your program by months… 

 IMI Wafer