NC259 is a low-cost, lead-free halogen-free solder paste that offers the performance of tin-lead and high-silver lead-free solder pastes.  Now manufacturers can attain the SMT soldering results they require and pay significantly less per gram than with traditional lead-free solder pastes.  NC259 provides excellent print definition and sustainable solder volume transfer as the demand for smaller pads grows.  Proven to mitigate head-in-pillow defects, NC259 reduces rework and rejected board costs to the manufacturer.  NC259 is formulated to provide one of the

longest pause-to-print windows in the industry resulting in less solder waste, fewer restart costs and improved overall quality of prints.  The long stencil life and shelf-life results in far less waste than traditional solder pastes.  The extremely broad process window of NC259 allows assemblers with high density, high mix boards to run without timely set up.  NC259 also offers extremely low post process residues, which remain crystal clear after soldering.

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- Long Pause-to-Print Capabilities
- Enhances Fine Print Definition
- Reduces Voiding
- Eliminates Head-in-Pillow Defects
- Consistent Solder Volume Transfer
- Extremely Low Residues